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Heartland Ag Showcase​

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Heartland Ag Showcase, Inc. is the new and improved farming trade show being held at the North Dakota State Fair Center on Dec. 4 & 5, 2018.

As the prime agriculture purchase season has shifted to the last quarter of the year, you now have the option to capitalize on the busy year end sales, making this a SELLING EVENT, rather than a social event.  No other venue in this region can compare with this value!  By the time the 'other show' is happening in January, the sales have already been made.  Don't miss out on this perfectly-timed opportunity!

This event will be highly promoted throughout the region utilizing multiple media, including TV, Radio & Print.
Knowing that this is the elite buying and selling time, it's our belief that the exhibitors and producers that participate will have a very successful event.  November is the time people are thinking about tax deductions.  November is the time to learn what's new from keynote speakers. November is the time for seed and crop inputs to be booked and purchased.

November is the answer to increased sales!

Enthusiasm is high, but space is limited, so if you're looking to reserve a booth, you must act quickly.

Simply fill out the EXHIBIT SPACE CONTRACT and return it as soon as possible to get your spot in the event.